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Welcome to Inner Vision Hypnotherapy

A Hypnotherapy Practice for Anxiety and Past Life Regression


Meet Our Hypnotherapist

Helping You Achieve Inner Peace

At Inner Vision Hypnotherapy, we provide professional hypnotherapy services for clients seeking relief from anxiety related issues and exploring past life regression. Our certified hypnotherapist is passionate about providing personalized and compassionate care to help clients achieve their inner peace goals. Contact us today to schedule your free one hour consultation.

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Hypnotherapy?

It can help with



Hypnotherapy can help you overcome anxiety by tapping into your subconscious mind and changing negative thought patterns.

Past Life Regression

Explore past life experiences to gain insight and understanding into your current life circumstances.

Inner Peace

Through hypnosis, we can help you achieve a sense of inner peace and tranquility.


Discover your true potential and unlock your inner strengths with our personalized hypnotherapy sessions.

Personal Growth

Our hypnotherapy services can help you break through barriers and achieve personal growth.


Experience improved physical and mental well-being through our hypnotherapy sessions.


“Jason, your approach to hypnotherapy is nothing short of remarkable. You have a unique gift for creating a safe and nurturing space that allowed me to explore the depths of my past without fear or judgement. Your gentle and professional demeanor made all the difference. I always feel heard, respected and supported throughout our sessions. 
What I appreciate most about your work is how you tailored each session to my specific needs and goals and that you truly care about my progress and well-being (it showed in every interaction we had). The inner healing journey has been challenging at times, but with your guidance and unwavering compassion, I was able to clear up some old unsupportive beleifs that came from my family origin. This is something that I am forever grateful for. Thank you so much!"

- H. Pilon

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