Chances are if you are browsing this site you are struggling to make changes in your life. Many people feel frustrated and disappointed with themselves for not making the changes that would make their lives better. The good news is you can make these changes. You can rewire your brain to think and feel in a different way, and hypnotherapy can help you do this.

Scientists are learning more about the brain every day. Recent findings relating to the neuroplasticity of the brain (which is the brain’s ability to restructure itself) suggest that we can all “rewire our brains”.

We can alter the way we think and feel. Problem behaviours are not really the issue. These behaviours are strategies your brain learnt at some time to protect you. Strategies that are learnt can be unlearnt.

Hypnotherapy utilizes the conscious and subconscious brain. You are in a relaxed state of focused attention. In this state you can more easily work with your subconscious mind accessing information, reframing problems, and creating innovative solutions that work for you. These new behaviours and thought patterns are the key to rewiring your brain in a positive way.

There are over 11,000 studies published in medical and psychological journals showing the effectiveness of hypnotherapy.

“A comparison study reported in 2007 by the American Health Magazine indicates some psychological issues may benefit more from hypnotherapy than psychoanalysis and behavior therapy. A German university meta-analysis of 444 studies supported this claim, concluding a 64% success rate with hypnotherapy for stress, anxiety, and chronic pain….. The American Psychology Association (APA) website has declared most clinicians now agree hypnotherapy can be a powerful, effective therapeutic technique for a wide range of conditions”. (The Washington Times, Paul Mountjoy, member of the American Psychological Association.)