About Life Between Lives Spiritual Regressions.

Have you been searching to understand what your life purpose is and why you are here? Would you like to connect more deeply to that Spiritual part of yourself? Do you feel as though you are at a crossroad in your life, and need to change the direction your life is going? If you have been asking yourself these types of questions a Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression may be right for you.

The phrase “Life Between Lives” originated from the late Dr. Michael Newton’s work, he uses this term to refer to the time a soul is in-between incarnations. Dr. Newton was known as a pioneer in spiritual regression, his books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls are sold worldwide. As a psychotherapist Dr. Newton used hypnotic regression techniques with his clients, during this work he found that some clients would spontaneously go into a past life or a time when they were in a soul state. It was the knowledge they were able to obtain about their immortal being while in the soul state that fascinated Dr. Newton. As a therapist Dr. Newton facilitated over 7000 LBL regressions, and through his experiences and his meticulous data collection a detailed methodology was derived. After more than 25 years of private practice Dr. Newton retired and began directing his energy to training other therapists in his methodology. The Newton Institute (TNI) was founded to continue his work, and Dr. Newton was involved at the Board level until his death in 2016. The Newton Institute continues to offer training throughout the world to Clinical Hypnotherapists.
I have been trained in the Life Between Lives regression methodology developed by Dr. Newton, through the Newton Institute. I am a certified LBL facilitator, and I am an experienced Past Life regression therapist. If you visit their website you will find more information about this type of regression work, and the requirements a therapist must meet. If you are interested in this work, you may be wondering what having a LBL session will entail. Prior to your Life Between Lives session I will meet with you to discuss what a Spiritual regression is, and give you an opportunity to share your goals for the session with me. After our initial consultation you will know if a Life Between Lives Spiritual regression is right for you. If the answer is yes, we will schedule a Past Life regression session, this is an important part of the process and it will help prepare you for the Life Between Lives regression. Finally we schedule the Life Between Lives session, in this way you will be experienced and comfortable with the techniques and will able to get the most out of your Spiritual regression.
If you have any questions about Life Between Lives Spiritual regressions please call or email me, I would be happy to answer them.