Inner Vision Hypnotherapy Locations & Contact


Phone (250) 580 – 7656


4660 Cordova Bay Road
Victoria, BC,
V8X 3V7


At the Royal Oak Drive, and Blenkinsop Road intersection Cordova Bay Road turns toward Mount Doug park. My property is located on this part of Cordova Bay Road, very near the Mount Doug Parkway sign.

When you arrive at the property you will see a small cotttage at the front, and a very long driveway leading to a large home at the back.

Follow the long driveway. As you face the face front of the large home you will notice a sidewalk leading to the right. My office door is on the right side of the building. You will see a small porch and a yellow door, just come through the yellow door. You will enter into my waiting room. There will be room for you to park your car in front of the building. Appointments are always made in advance. Feel free to contact me if further questions.