Hypnosis is…
“a communication and re-education process which allows the conscious and subconscious mind to believe the same message”

-International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA).


Your conscious mind assists you in understanding the concepts that you are reading on this page; it is the logical, rational, time orientated part of your mind.

In contrast, your subconscious mind is a huge ‘Power-house’ behind the scenes. It can be illogical (does not recognize past, present or future), is protective, creative, and holds our beliefs, memories, and emotions. Your subconscious mind takes care of all the tasks you do automatically (without thinking about the steps involved in the process), from regulating internal bodily functions to activities like playing catch, writing and even driving.

An analogy of the conscious and subconscious mind is the makeup of an iceberg. Above the waterline would be the tip of the iceberg (the conscious mind), while the vast majority of the iceberg (the subconscious mind) lies unseen beneath the surface of the water. The subconscious mind has access to a vast reservoir of information, which assists us in the solving of problems. It puts together plans and ideas without us being aware. When we get a brilliant moment of insight or a flicker of a new idea, these thoughts are generated from our subconscious mind.

Unfortunately, our subconscious mind can also sabotage our efforts and attempts at making the changes we need in order to realize our goals. All our previous experiences and beliefs we have developed are stored in our subconscious mind. At times, these outdated beliefs can surface and hamper our ability to follow through with the plans we have made. Whether it is to begin a healthy eating plan, quit smoking, or overcome a fear that is holding us back. We can be stuck on the “why we can’t” do it. All of these reasons are percolating up from our subconscious mind and are tied into a past belief or experience we have had. A past belief or experience we might not even remember.

In order for us to reach our goals our subconscious and conscious mind must be in alignment. To do this we need to explore and understand the limiting beliefs we are holding in our subconscious mind. Hypnosis is a communication process that allows you to communicate with your subconscious mind and to update the old beliefs preventing you from reaching your goals

Hypnosis uses deep relaxation and focusing exercises to quiet the busy conscious mind, letting it take less action in the thinking process. You are always aware of what is going on while in this relaxed state as your subconscious mind takes a more active role. When you are in this receptive state, more commonly known as a “trance”, the Hypnotist can aid you in the communication process using suggestion and your imagination and creativity.

Hypnotherapy allows you to heal limiting beliefs and transform negative thought patterns into positive ones. Through hypnosis you can gain access to this incredible and powerful part of your mind, to tap into your own creativity to find the most effective solutions to your problems.